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Three Reasons Why We Need More Digital-Savvy PR Consultants


The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we live and work. With the government imposing restrictions and limitations in public venues, most people have refrained from going outdoors and preferred staying indoors, using mobile apps on their smartphones or internet-enabled gadgets to shop, order food, watch movies, and play games with their friends. Businesses have to take a different approach to adapt to people’s shifting lifestyle and overcome pandemic-related challenges. PR consultancies definitely need a digital-savvy team to understand and cater to their clients’ demands. Here are three reasons why we believe the world needs more digital-savvy PR consultants,


  1. The Emergence of Work-From-Home Culture

With the government limiting workplace capacity, PR consultancies must be ready to embrace a new work culture in which location is no longer relevant and people can work everywhere. With the workplace capacity limited, coordination is key to ensuring an efficient business operation. PR consultancies may need to implement a team rotation and reporting system. As a result, consultants need to learn how to operate web conferencing apps and programs. They need to be accustomed to the new way of working while getting the most out of digital platforms for remote meetings and brainstorming sessions.

  1. The Emergence of New PR Practices

With a new lifestyle, comes a new way of business. PR consultants need to familiarise themselves with new PR practices and know how to operate new platforms they may have  never used before. Understand the best way to capture digital opportunities to better serve their clients is key to winning the business. At Inke Maris & Associates, we have pivoted to digital PR initiatives amidst the pandemic. Instead of organizing a conventional face-to-face press conference, we opt for a web-based press conference via Zoom that allows consultants, clients, and participants to join from the comfort of their homes  and also allows us to further amplify the event reach through live streaming.  For example,  in collaboration with our longtime client Visa Worldwide Indonesia, we commenced the #IbuBerbagiBijak 2021 program via Instagram and YouTube live broadcast, reaching a much wider audience than usual.

  1. Keeping Up with the Trends

In today’s  fast-paced digital adoption, PR consultants need to stay up-to-date and keep in touch with what’s trending right now,  such as the recent Squid Game phenomenon and    Tiktok for instance  seems set to take overtake other  social media platforms  in 2022 as millennials come of age as the TikTok generation. [1]     According to Hootsuite’s February 2021 report, Indonesia is home to more than 170 million active social media users.[2] The exchange of information is happening rapidly as people, especially the younger generations, have shifted to social media and online news websites, with fewer people still relying on conventional print media like newspaper or magazines. PR consultants definitely need to keep up with what’s happening on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, the three social media platforms that continue to gain massive popularity and users. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have regularly organized our #IMAfternoon Talk, a live broadcast talkshow on Instagram every Wednesday where we cover different and insightful topics, from maintaining mental health amidst lockdown to easy home businesses ideas.



Ramond M. G. Tiwow

Account Executive


[1] Hubspot Talkwalker Social Media Trends 2022


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