Indonesia Digital Economy: Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap

COVID-19 Highlights the Importance of Business Agility and Adaptability in Uncertain Times

10 September 2021 -- Inke Maris & Associates is honoured to have been given the opportunity to contribute to Oxford Business Group’s Indonesia Digital Economy: Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap, that reviews, amidst the pandemic, the digital economy in Indonesia and how businesses in Indonesia are navigating the current situation and making use of digitalisation. Featuring case studies from Indonesian companies in construction, financial tech, e-commerce and with Inke Maris & Associates for Public Relations the report is complemented by the interview of Minister of Investment of Indonesia, Hon Bahlil Lahadalia (Chairman of BKPM)

How important will Indonesia’s digital economy be for long-term, inclusive growth?

Indonesia’s economy experienced a milder slowdown in 2020 than its ASEAN-5 neighbours, according the IMF’s April 2021 World Economic Outlook, and also fared better than 16 other G20 members. In spite of ongoing Covid-19-related challenges, the IMF expects Indonesia to experience robust expansion from 2021. The digital economy is slated to remain a key driver of growth, owing to the large, consumption-driven domestic market and the accelerated uptake of digital tools over 2020. Financial technology and digital payments, e-commerce and food delivery are poised for ongoing expansion, which should help broaden financial inclusion, create jobs and foster a larger customer base for the country’s micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises. Alongside other fundamental growth strategies – including channelling investment into priority areas, and kick-starting construction and infrastructure development – Indonesia’s digital economy looks set to boost the country’s competitiveness and enable long-term, sustainable growth over the coming years.

COVID-19 Highlights the Importance of Business Agility and Adaptability in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented disruptions across different business sectors worldwide, causing a massive financial impact here and there. With the Indonesian government’s extended COVID-19 restrictions, nonessential and noncritical sectors are required to suspend their regular business operations and instruct employees to work from home. Amidst an uncertain situation, agility and adaptability are priorities for companies and organizations to survive while ensuring operational continuity; else they fail to overcome these challenges and face the worst. Yet, within the two years of struggling with COVID-19, businesses have invented new ideas to keep on thriving. Digital adoption has become a key theme in discussions between business leaders as they seek new strategies to overcome the life-threatening viral outbreak. The world is changing, and so are their ways in business. Technology has become an integral part of individuals, corporations, and governments, allowing them to stay connected, plan meetings, and make purchases in the comfort of their homes. “As witnessed during previous crises, the pandemic offered significant growth opportunities for enterprises that were able to adapt quickly to the changing environment,” Isma Natanegara, CEO of Inke Maris & Associates (IM&A). The Indonesian public relations (PR) consultancy has moved to capitalise on the emerging digital opportunities and adopted new ways of work in which consultants can continue serving its clients amidst strict COVID-19 prevention protocols. Offering digital services, including fully virtual and hybrid models, and educating clients to shift their views on online communication initiatives have become a big part of what they do.

“We have also seen how important the PR and communications industry has been in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, and it is expected that PR will be increasingly important for the operations of many companies across the future Indonesian economy,“  he added. Indeed, corporate communication and reputation management have become a necessity as clients across various industries, including ICT, health care, and banking, are implementing big changes that may significantly affect their customers, employees, and stakeholders. Relaying the right message, the right way is essential to maintaining their reputation, and miscommunication is the last thing that they ever wish to happen.

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