Financial Communications

IM&A is widely acknowledged as the leading firm for Financial PR in Indonesia.

Having achieved the recognition and distinction of handling the first and largest IPO of Indonesia’s state-owned PT Telkom in 1995, IM&A reinforced its position in financial relations and communications through subsequent appointments as the PR Consultant managing the IPO’s of Indonesia’s largest banks, namely Bank Mandiri, Bank Central Asia and Bank BNI followed by other companies.

Our financial PR consultants are highly knowledgeable and have a thorough understanding of Indonesia’s financial markets and financial community. We provide professional counsel to assist our Clients in effectively communicating key messages and viewpoints to audiences that have the power to affect the company’s financial health and the ability to access either debt or equity funds.

We also have the expertise and organizational skills to manage domestic and regional roadshows.


  • Development and management of IPO communication strategies
  • Management of IPO-related and financial information
  • Media and presentation skills training
  • Financial product launching
  • Management of public expose and roadshows