Visa Survey Shows Indonesians Lose Track of More Than Half of Their Weekly Expenditures

Jakarta, INDONESIA, 30 September 2015 – Every week, more than IDR 440,000 disappears from Indonesians’ wallets when people simply lose track of their spending, according to a survey commissioned by Visa.

The survey, carried out by international market research firm YouGov on behalf of Visa, showed how much money consumers in 14 Asian markets are unable to account for because they fail to track their spending.

Among the Asian markets covered in the study, Indonesia ranks fourth in terms of percentage of weekly spending gone to mystery spending. Thailand, China and India are at the top list with 72, 66 and 60 percent mystery spending respectively. Mystery spending is defined as cash spent but the consumer is unsure of where it went.

Ellyana Fuad, President Director of PT Visa Indonesia said: “It can be difficult to keep track of cash purchases, unlike payment cards, you cannot track your spending unless you write down every single purchase you have made using cash, which for most people is difficult and time consuming to do. Debit and Credit cards enable you to easily keep track of your spending through itemised statements. In addition, payment cards are also safer than carrying cash, which if lost or stolen is gone for good”.

The survey also revealed that most of Indonesians’ mystery spending is believed to be spent on leisure shopping for non-essential items (44 percent), buying snacks (44 percent), dining out with family and friends (37 percent); paying for entertainment i.e. night-outs, movies, parties (37 percent).

Indonesians ages 45 to 54 – especially men – are the biggest mystery spenders. Men lose track of their money “mysteriously spend” an average of IDR 470 thousand per week. Meanwhile, their female counterparts mysteriously spend an average of IDR 421 thousand a week.

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