Sojitz Cosmetics Launches naturecia skin care for Indonesian Women

Jakarta, 9 June 2015 – Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation that engages in the development, planning, and sale of cosmetics  for almost 30 years in Japan, introduces a series of facial skin care treatment products developed specifically for Indonesian women.  These product series, which developed under naturecia brand of cosmetics, offer simple skincare with instant effects for Indonesian women with major concern on skin exposed to strong UV, exhaust gas and dryness from air conditioner.

The naturecia series consists of naturecia Brightening Exfoliator, naturecia Protective Day Cream, and naturecia Revitalizing Night Cream.  naturecia Brightening Exfoliator helps removing old horny layer which causes discolorations and unevenness look, and instantly brightens skin tone, without irritation nor scrubbing.  naturecia Protective Day Cream is a multi-functional day cream which protects skin from inner and outer damages while maintaining long-lasting moisture for resilience and radiance.  And naturecia Revitilizing Night Cream, as its name, helps to revitalize skin after daily exposure to external stressors such as UV rays and dryness and improving skin texture at the same time.

“Since its debut in 2010, naturecia brand has been used and loved by Japanese women, because of its 100% natural base and high quality ingredients that developed by Japanese most advanced technologies.  Now we offer new naturecia designated for Indonesian women with our unique blend of herbs and technology of science to Indonesia market, as the first market outside  Japan, as we want to serve growing markets in ASEAN with Japan quality, and as we see that Indonesian women are getting smarter in choosing skin care products that are natural and reliable,” said Yukio Matsuki, President of Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation Japan.

After doing researches since 2010 by hearing over 300 Indonesian women’s voice face to face and found that the skin of Indonesian women are exposed to strong UV and dried air under air conditioner, Sojitz Cosmetics evolved to conduct continuous effort and research to meet Indonesian women’s demands on  spesific and effective skin care products that are also skin-friendly and simple to use.

naturecia Brightening Exfoliator which contains hydrolyzed Oputia Ficus Indica Flower extract and purified oligosaccharied from nopal, is a new innovative approach of dermabrasion which can help skin to be able to activate its natural enzymatic exfoliation process without hurting.  The naturecia series also contains Dictyopteris Membranacea Extract that helps skin to control the activation of melanin synthesis and the transfer of melanin, and complex of Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract,  Morus Alva Bark Extract and Cucumis Sativus (cucumber) Seed Extract that provides the natural skin whitening active.

naturecia products will be available from end of June 2015 at Guardian outlets through out Jabodetabek area Indonesia.

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About Sojitz Cosmetics Corporation

Sojitz Cosmetics was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation. Although only seven years old, the company has 28 years of experience in planning, developing, and selling cosmetics. Since our days as a part of the cosmetics department of Sojitz Corporation, we have offered basic skin care, makeup, and quasi-drug products to many customers.

Our basic policy is to plan and develop products from the viewpoint of customers, and to offer safe products that are impressive and appealing to customers of all ages. We desire all customers with skin worries to experience the joy and elation that comes with having beautiful skin. At Sojitz Cosmetics, our mission is to help our customers realize their dreams and hopes for beautiful skin through the products we create and deliver.

Although we have no production facilities, we have partnered with a number of excellent manufacturers. Through these partnerships we have conducted market research, product planning and development, quality assurance, distribution services and sales promotion, while all the time providing a consistent service from product development to sales. Looking ahead to the future, we aim to further improve the quality of our service and functions.

-Always With You, and Making You Shine -
-Always Your No.1-

We are totally committed to developing and providing products and honest services that satisfy customers, and contributing to the creation of a better society with the motto:“Bringing a smile to everyone’s face with cosmetics”.