Panasonic Launch 24 New Panasonic TV Models, Introducing Best Image Quality

Jakarta, 16 May 2017 – Technological development directly affects modern consumer’s shifting lifestyle, just like electronic industry development in Indonesia affecting the way consumers choose their television product. This year, Panasonic unveiled 24 new Panasonic TV models and introduces the latest Hexa Chroma Drive & 4K Pro HDR innovation, producing high-quality image and offering different TV-watching experience for consumers.

Mr. Hiroyoshi Suga as President Director PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia stated, “In an attempt to realize the company’s 2017 tagline “Let’s Live Life Better”, Panasonic continues to innovate for the sake of its customers’ better life. Today, we are launching 24 New Panasonic TV models, offering high resolution display with a wide range of colors. With these features, watching TV in your home feels like watching movies in the cinema. ”

Panasonic is one step further in the industry; with the new Hexa Chroma technology, the TV produces beautiful images through a reproduction of 6 colors with exceptional brightness level. The Hollywood Tuning feature ensures that the TV creates image similar to that of a movie on the big screen. Panasonic Hexa Chroma TV is flexibly designed, allowing the product to easily adapt with any home interiors.

“Last year, domestic TV market experienced a sluggish movement, but we managed to see a positive growth – two times better – than in 2015. TV products remain as one of our main business pillars and in 2017, we are optimistic to see a 140% improvement in TV product sales. Through the company’s exceptional technology, we will remain committed to aid our consumers to achieve a better quality of life,” Hiroyoshi Suga added.

Mr. Erwin Lim as Product Manager Audio Visual PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia added, “To enliven the TV market in Indonesia, this year we are launching the Panasonic Hexa Chroma TV series: the EX750 Series, EX600 Series, ES630 Series, and ES500 Series, which produce captivating images through reproduction of 6 colors, giving consumers a sensation as if watching a real cinema in 4K resolution and Full HD. The new products start from Rp 5,000,000 (32 inch) to Rp 50.000.000 (65 inch), to be marketed this May.

To show the company’s contribution to the society – in line with Panasonic’s philosophy of “A Better Life, A Better World” – Panasonic is continuing the Viera for the Future program; for every purchase of Panasonic’s TV product, the company donates Rp 5,000 to the community to aid Indonesian children’s eye improvement.
“Panasonic Gobel Indonesia will keep on delivering electronic products to fulfill the needs of modern Indonesian consumers and their lifestyle. Various technological innovations are waiting to be enjoyed by our loyal customers, “Mr. Hiroyoshi Suga concluded.

Features of Panasonic Hexa Chroma TV:

1. Hexa Chroma Drive Pro Tecnology
The Hexa Chroma Drive Pro technology lets the TV project a wide range of colors. The professionally designed technology reproduces 6 colors; the TV’s sophisticated image quality is being referenced by Hollywood filmmakers to create the same image. Accurate basic color combinations of Red-Green-Blue-Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (RGB-CMY) produce up to 1 billion colors. Dark colors are often difficult to display, but with this technology, dark colors are now displayed properly. Panasonic teams up with Hollywood Colourists to ensure the quality image matches to filmmaker’s expectation.

2. 4K Pro HDR Ultra
Lighting reproduction is essential to ensure image quality at 4K resolution. Equipped with Super Bright Panel Plus within Panasonic TV 4K Pro HDR, the backlight system emits light efficiently resulting maximum brightness.

3. Art & Interior Design
The latest 2017 Panasonic TV lineup is designed to suit the consumers’ tastes and styles. Combining ideas and styles of home interiors, Panasonic demonstrates how the new model is designed to suit the tastes and styles of consumers. Panasonic’s Swift Design’s – with swivel and lift features – allows TV’s position adjustment for multiple viewing angles, consumers will remain comfortable watching in different angles. Four different styles are available equipped with flexible Pedestal design enabling consumers to adjust TV’s position the way they want it.

About Panasonic Group in Indonesia
Publicly known through its brand, namely Panasonic, Panasonic Corporation, whose head office is in Osaka, Japan, is a world-class manufacturer of electronic products, in particular electronic products for consumers of the laymen, business and industry. Following its first emergence in Asia Pacific as Panasonic built its first factory in Thailand in 1961, Panasonic’s operation has been steadily growing in the region. Currently, Panasonic operates in nine countries (including Indonesia) with a total of 75 companies employing more than 82,000 people. In Indonesia, Panasonic has a very long history and special place in the hearts of Indonesian people. Initiated with ‘Tjawang’, a radio brand, developed by late Drs. Thayeb H. Moh. Gobel in 1954, followed by the first TV in 1962, the company used National as its brand in 1970 before it eventually used Panasonic brand in 2004. Until now, in Indonesia Panasonic remains the most leading electronics brand with a series of innovative products, ranging from plasma TVs, cameras, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, to name but a few. For information about Panasonic, please visit our website at or call our Customer Care Center at 0804-1-111-111.