Panasonic Invites Indonesian Youngsters to Tell Their Short Stories in “Kid Witness News 2016”

Jakarta, 4 October 2016 – PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia not only provides the best electronic product solutions but also continues to commitment to develop the potential and talents of Indonesian youth. In realizing this commitment, PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia launches a program called Kid Witness News (KWN) for the 13th time in Indonesia. Through this competition concept-based program, Panasonic invites Indonesian youth to write a short script entitled “Uniknya Duniaku” to tell their unique stories of ecological life, communication, and sports in their surroundings.

In addition to developing quality of human resources, this program is aimed at improving youth’s awareness of unique life in their surrounding. This competition will involve students aged 10-15, who will be divided into groups of 2-10 from the same schools. They will express their creativity by writing a 5-minutes short script. These short scripts can be in the forms of scenarios, storylines, or storyboards for reports, drama, or documentary programs.

Panasonic will provide camcorders for the top 10 stories. They will also get trainings from academicians and Indonesian film practitioners and professionals, so that they can participate in video making, as the further competition. Afterward, the top 3 winners for the best video at the national level will have an opportunity to take part in KWN competition at the international level. This year, PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia cooperates with one of the leading communication schools in Indonesia, namely London School Public Relation (LSPR).

“Students aged 10-15 are the golden generation who have high enthusiasm and passion in expressing their creativity and talents. With advanced technologies available nowadays, they will tell their stories through short scripts, get trainings and then participate in video making competition. This KWN program has consistently and globally held since 28 years ago, and now it is promoted in more than 13 countries,” said Viya Arsawireja, Corporate Communication Manager of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.

This is the following series of KWN agenda :

Roadshow to Schools
PT Panasonic Indonesia will hold a two-week roadshow, from 5 October to 19 October 2016, to several elementary schools and junior high schools in order to introduce the concept of this competition to potential participants. As many as 50 schools in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek/Greater Jakarta) plus Bandung will have opportunities to get roadshow trainings from the Panasonic Team which will be assisted by London School Public Relation. The team will train students of those schools on how to write a good short script.

The participants will have time until 4 November 2016 to send their best scripts to Head Office of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia – Jl. Dewi Sartika, no.14, Cawang 2, East Jakarta 13630.

Finalist Selection and KWN Workshop 2016
Top 10 finalists with the best scripts, which will be judged on script originality, creativity and correlation with the theme, will be invited to Jakarta to join KWN Workshop 2016 in December 2016, where they will have mentoring from Indonesian film academicians, practitioners and professionals. Their mentors will teach and train them on not only how to write scripts and synopsis but also how to take pictures (shooting) and how to do editing, music scoring and soundtracking. In short, they will be trained how to produce good scripts and how to turn them into a short film.

The finalists will be asked to produce videos based on the scripts they have sent. Each finalist school will get 1 unit of camcorder Panasonic as the prize. The 3 best winners will be announced in January 2017, and their script will be sent to KWN International competition.

The judgment process in KWN will be made comprehensively and professionally. The scripts will be judged on aspects of originality, message effectiveness, relevance between the message and the theme, concepts, language usage, and video production. Teams from Panasonic Gobel Indonesia and Matsushita Gobel plus Video Director Anggy Umbara will act as the judges. Besides academicians, this year’s KWN will be supported by Anggy Umbara, a well-known video director.

Anggy Umbara, Video Director, said, “As a person engaged in creative industry in Indonesia, I will support the effort of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia in developing young generation’s talents and creativities. Hopefully, this program will provide more motivation to all stakeholders including companies, and the Government to provide programs which can develop children’s creativities. We hope that the number of students participating in this competition will increase year by year.”

“The best scripts wining in KWN 2016 will represent Indonesian children’s creativity at the international level. It is the time for young generation to speak up and to show their potential through various means, including short scripts which will be then packaged in creative videos,” said Viya Arsawireja, Corporate Communication Manager of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.

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About Panasonic Group in Indonesia
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