NIVEA #SentuhanIbu Campaign Help Mothers in Forming Children with Special Needs Independent Personality

Bandung, 17 September 2016. A mother is a figure who loves her children unconditionally and never give up supporting them, no matter what. A Mother’s touch is genuine, loving, and motivating every family member to overcome obstacles and develop their potentials.

Mother’s unconditional love has inspired NIVEA #SentuhanIbu campaign which launched few months ago. This campaign is a reflection of NIVEA’s care for women empowerment in supporting mothers with special needs children.

Aidar Mumtazia, HR Director PT Beiersdorf Indonesia said, “NIVEA is a family brand, for more than 100 years, NIVEA has played a central role in caring for families and believes that mother’s love is the basis of s strong family. NIVEA has launched NIVEA #SentuhanIbu CSR program on June 2016 and until now, our campaign has received positive responses from thousands of netizen in Indonesia, and we want raise awareness on this topic and invite Indonesian people to actively get involved.”

NIVEA #SentuhanIbu wants to encourage people to participate on this cause through digital platform which is social media pledge in facebook, Instagram and Twitter with using hashtag #SentuhanIbu. Every support counts and NIVEA will convert them into a donation of IDR 1000 for each support. At the end, more support means more mothers can be assisted by this sustainable program.

NIVEA collaborates with Kemuning Kembar to arrange consultation program for mothers of children with special needs at SLB A Bandung. One of the topic is Activity Day Living, a method to train mothers in accompanying their children with special needs to be independent personals especially in fulfilling their own daily needs.

Anggiastri Hanantyasari Utami, Consultant of Kemuning Kembar, explained, “Mothers of children with special needs require effort, knowledge, and skill to be more confident in accompanying their children. Through ‘Activity Day Living’, we want to increase mothers’ trust on their children to be independent in all daily routines including to eat, take shower, get dressed, and moving.”

Yakobus Tri Bagio, M.Pd, Head of Curriculum and Counseling, SLB A Bandung, added, “We continuously support this program from NIVEA and Kemuning Kembar since we have seen the result for mothers of children with special needs. A mother’s firmness is important in boosting children’s confidence. We hope this program able to motivate mothers in supporting their children to seize their dreams in the future.”
The NIVEA #SentuhanIbu is part of NIVEA’ global ‘NIVEA cares for family’ commitment to improve the lives of families in need. It is expected for mothers who received content from this program will apply the knowledge for themselves and share with others especially mothers of children with special needs.

“We believe that good cause will make a difference starts with a small step and NIVEA commits to deliver positive changes in family through mothers. Children with special needs has equal opportunity to reach their best potential if they grew in a family with maximum support, mainly from mothers’ love,” said Aidar Mumtazia.