NIVEA launches CSR Program as a commitment to support mothers empowerment through “NIVEA #SentuhanIbu” Campaign

Jakarta, 2 June 2016 – Today NIVEA, the world leading skincare brand, launches CSR program ‘NIVEA SentuhanIbu’ as a commitmentto care and support mothers who have children with special needs*.

A Mother’s touch is always unconditionally caring, loving, genuine, calming, and strengthens the whole family which builds stability, closeness, happiness and motivation.It enables every family member to overcome obstacles and develop their potentials. Every mother is special with her extraordinary job which makes it to be the toughest job in the world and it gets even more extraordinary when one of their family member is having special needs.

Holger Welters, President Director PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, said, “NIVEA is a family brand, for more than 100 years, NIVEA has played a central role in caring for families. The values on which NIVEA is based – closeness, trust and responsibility are also the values which strengthen families. We believea mother isan essential figure in a family, a tough and compassionate woman who will do anything for her family especially her children, and never give up supporting them, no matter what. We have launched the “NIVEA #SentuhanIbu” Campaign to empower and support mothers who face special challenges to secure the future prospects of their children. In addition to that, we hopeto change the perception of this important topic.

In order to deliver sustainable and long-term social impact NIVEA collaborates with KemuningKembar to conduct Counselling and Consultation program for mothers of children with special needs at SLB A Bandung. IndriaLaksmiGamayanti, M.Si, Psychologyst, Chairman of KemuningKembar, explains, “One key challenge that occurred in raising children with special needs lies in the mothers itself which holds children back from constructing their future. So, basically we develop a support system for mothers to give them all the knowledge and motivation needed. The program includes in class learning and active learning, group discussion and also personal counselling. They also very positive and open in responding to our program and it is just what we need to make NIVEA #SentuhanIbu success and useful for them.

NIVEA #SentuhanIbu wants to encourage people to support this cause through a digital platform. Inspired by a digital movie based on real story and played by real mothers, we want people that watched the video become aware and give support through social media pledge in facebook, Instagram and Twitter with using hashtag #SentuhanIbu.

Tomasz Schwarz, Marketing Director PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, emphasizes, “Following NIVEA’s core values, wewants to act as ambassador for all mothers with children with special needs, by supporting them individually and by strengthening their social environment as well. Our goal is to foster the acceptance for this topic and to raise awareness and to invite Indonesian people to actively get involved.This is a good cause that we believe will make a difference starts from a small step.”

Every support counts and NIVEA will convert them into adonation of IDR 1000 for each support. At the end, the donation will be used to support more mothers and families.Moresupportmeans more mothers can be assisted by this sustainable program.

The NIVEA #SentuhanIbu is part of NIVEA’ global ‘NIVEA cares for family’ commitment to improve the lives of families in need.

Aidar Mumtazia, HR Director PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, explained, “Mothers, as the basis of a strong family, they play an important role, that’s why they need to be supported and motivated, so they can motivate the whole family.

Yakobus Tri Bagio, M.Pd, Head of Curriculum and Counseling, SLB A Bandung, mentioned, “We really appreciate the program provided by NIVEA and KemuningKembar, as it improves the mothers’ confidence and motivation that eventually can motivate their children, while in the same time creates harmony between what has been taught at school and home. At the end we will see faster progress in the child’s development.”

At the end, NIVEA reminds again to support NIVEA #SentuhanIbu campaign that will be started today and ended on July 4, 2016.

*Based on Susenas (SurveiSosialEkonomi Nusantara/ Indonesia’s Socio-Economy Survey) 2012 conducted by BPS (BadanPusatStatistik / Statistics Indonesia), there are more than 6 million families are having child with special needs.