NIVEA Innovation on Skin Care Has Been in Indonesia for More Than 90 Years

Jakarta, 2 November 2016 – The skin is the outmost part of our body that provides an outer covering for the whole body. It consists of 3 primary layers; epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. For most adults, the skin has a surface area of 1.5 – 2.0 m2, weighing at least 1/5 of the total body weight. Throughout the day, our skin works hard to protect our face and body. The skin plays a very important role; the more reason why we need continuous and comprehensive skin care to optimize its vital functions.

NIVEA is a renowned global expert on skin care products with more than 100 years of experience. Initially recognized for its NIVEA Crème, NIVEA has been developing a variety of face and body care products. NIVEA always pays attention to the diversity of skin types in the world and the environment people live in; thus always providing the best skin care solution.

Tomasz Schwarz, Marketing Director, PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, said, “NIVEA has become a part of the Indonesian society since 1925. For more than 90 years, we have continued to innovate through in depth researches based on consumer inputs. We create products not only to cleanse but to also nourish and protect the skin to keep its beauty and health.”

We need to pay attention to our facial and body treatments in order to produce optimized results. Daily facial routines and the right cleansing methods are the most important factors for a healthy facial skin, while the body needs to be moisturized as a protection from dangerous exposures such as the cold air-conditioning or the heat from excessive sunlight.

Yulias Rachmatika, Marketing Manager Skin Care PT Beiersdorf Indonesia explains, “Every woman wants a beautiful and healthy skin, however it cannot be obtained within a short timeframe, rather, a process is needed. Daily activities demand women to use a practical, yet effective facial cleansing method. Exposure to air conditioning and excessive sunlight leads to dry and discolorized skin. NIVEA provides skincare solutions through a variety of product categories such as NIVEA Face Care, NIVEA Body, NIVEA Deo, NIVEA Sun, and NIVEA Lip Care.”

Dr. Tina Wardhani Wisesa, SpKK (K), FINSDV, FAADV, a Skin and Venereal Specialist at Klinik Sakti Medika said, “We need to understand our skin type, be it oily, normal or dry, in order to determine the best facial cleansing steps. It is important to cleanse your face at least every morning and night as the skin is easily covered by dirt and bacteria. It is also advisable to have the habit of applying Body Lotion or Body Serum to the entire body right after a morning and night shower to speed up absorption rate, as well as applying Sun Block both indoors and outdoors. Many assume that higher SPF value ensures more protection against UV rays the entire day. However, SPF value only determines the duration of when it should be reapplied to maximize skin protection depending on skin type and environmental conditions. Products with SPF 20 may only last 2-3 hours, whereas SPF 50 can last 4-5 hours before it needs to be reapplied.”

Bubah Alfian, Make Up Expert NIVEA Indonesia, added, “Applying makeup is like painting a masterpiece, each woman has the freedom to be creative. However, we need to keep in mind that the right cleansing process is the key to flawless makeup.”

NIVEA provides a variety of cleansing products such as NIVEA Make Up Clear Foam, NIVEA Make Up Clear Scrub, NIVEA Make Up Clear Mud, NIVEA Make Up Clear Cleansing Milk, NIVEA Make Up Clear White Toner, and the latest, NIVEA Make Up Clear Micellar Water. NIVEA Make Up Clear Micellar Water is a one step facial cleansing product which cleanses face without leaving any residue.

A moisturized lip is also important for a perfect makeup. NIVEA Lip Care presents a collection of Lip Butter which has intensive formula and enriched with shea butter and almond oil to moisturize the lips with a variety of flavors; Original, Raspberry Rose, Vanilla & Macademia, and Cocoa.

Julie Estelle, Brand Ambassador NIVEA, explains her facial and body skincare routine, “My daily activities often require me to stay in air-conditioned rooms as well as being exposed to direct sunlight during photo shoots. That’s why I also use NIVEA Body Serum UV Extra Whitening with SPF 25 PA ++ to avoid skin dehydration. I also love to experiment in making D.I.Y facial mask with NIVEA Creme to refresh my face. NIVEA Creme can be easily combined with natural ingredients such as honey and lemon.”

NIVEA Body Serum can be quickly absorbed deep into the skin without getting sticky. With 95% pure Vitamin C from Camu Camu Berry extract, NIVEA Body Serum works effectively to brighten and even out skin tone. NIVEA has a variety of body serum including NIVEA Body Serum Intensive Moisture, NIVEA Body Serum UV Extra Whitening, NIVEA Firming Body Serum Instant White, NIVEA Firming Body Serum Anti-Age White, and NIVEA Body Serum Night Whitening.

NIVEA Sun provides protection against the sun throughout your daily activities with products containing SPF 20, SPF 30, and SPF 50; all comes in the form of both lotion and spray.

“For over 20 years, Beiersdorf has been working with expert panels and associations to develop product-testing methods without involving animal testing. We want our products to be safe for all skin types in all countries; hence our products went through various safety and efficiency tests. With a wide range of product selections, NIVEA provides complete skin nourishment today, tomorrow, and in the future,” concludes Tomasz Schwarz.

About PT Beiersdorf Indonesia
PT Beiersdorf Indonesia is an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG, a leading provider of innovative, high-quality skin care products and has over 130 years of experience in this market segment. The Hamburg-based company has over 17,000 employees worldwide and is listed on the DAX, the German benchmark equities index since December 2008. NIVEA, the number 1 skincare brand in the world *, is the number 1 brand in the company’s portfolio. Other successful international brand includes Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8×4 and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. Beiersdorf’s wholly owned affiliate tesa SE, another globally leading manufacturer in its field, supplies self-adhesive products and system solutions to industry, craft businesses, and consumers. Beiersdorf existence in Indonesia began in 1979. At 1981, a factory located at Malang started to operate and has since serve the needs of Indonesian consumers with a variety of trusted skincare products such as NIVEA Body Lotion, NIVEA Crème, NIVEA Deodorant, NIVEA Face Care, NIVEA Sun, NIVEA Lip Care, NIVEA Soft, NIVEA Men and Hansaplast, the number 1 plaster brand in Indonesia.