More Than 8,000 People Across 7 Indonesian Cities Moved Together With “Ayo Indonesia Bergerak” Campaign To Prove Indonesians Can Do More To Fight Sedentary Lifestyles.

Jakarta, 22 April 2018 – Today ANLENE, flagship brand from Fonterra Brands Indonesia, is celebrating the culmination of the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign with the people of Jakarta and neighbouring towns in Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. The campaign has moved more than 8,000 people across seven cities in Indonesia since its launch in Yogyakarta two weeks ago, to prove Indonesians can do more to fight sedentary lifestyles.

Joining the celebration are Drg.Kartini Rustandi, M.Kes, Director of Work Health and Sports, Directorate of Health Promotion, Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia and 4,500 health enthusiasts, who officially welcomed to Jakarta runners and cyclists completing the 600 km run and cycle relay from Yogyakarta passing the key cities of Kebumen, Purwokerto, Ciamis, Bandung and Bogor before arriving at the last pit stop here.

Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ aims to combat sedentary lifestyles, which are quickly becoming an urgent issue in Indonesia and around the world, proving to be a key factor resulting in a rise in non-communicable diseases, in support of the Government’s agenda of Gerakan Masyarakat Sehat (GERMAS).

Fonterra Brands Indonesia Technical Marketing Advisor Rohini Behl said, “The ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign is a wake-up call to all Indonesians to fight sedentary lifestyles, which are preventing Indonesians from becoming and achieving more in their lives. This campaign is not only about inspiring Indonesians to be more active, it is also proof of Fonterra and Anlene’s commitment to creating a stronger, healthier and happier Indonesia.”

“We are very proud to welcome the participants who joined the run and cycle relay from Yogyakarta to Jakarta and celebrate the movement together with the people of Jakarta. They show us we are more and can do more to change the notion that we are sedentary,” added Rohini Behl.

Drg. Kartini Rustandi, M.Kes, Director of Work Health and Sports, Directorate of Health Promotion, Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia said, “Our research discovered that 24% of Indonesians lead a sedentary lifestyle of being inactive more than 6 hours per day. It is worrying since sedentary living leads to non-communicable diseases, which are the largest cause of death in Indonesia including stroke, heart disease and diabetes mellitus. In response to this issue, the Government of Indonesia has initiated GERMAS (Healthy Society Movement) to create a healthier society by promoting healthy and balanced diets, regular exercise and early detection of non-communicable diseases.”

“We also see that the issue is huge, requiring collaboration with all parties to act together to fight sedentary lifestyles. Therefore, we appreciate this movement from Fonterra and Anlene to serve as a wake-up call to Indonesians to be more active and healthy today,” Drg. Kartini continued.

In addition to the relay from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ movement also featured engaging activities including: MoveMax Arena, Cooking Class, and Fun Walk. ANLENE has also partnered with prominent members of the community including Prisia Nasution and Muhammad Fadli, who are known to be active, to inspire Indonesians to fight sedentary lifestyles.

Prisia Nasution, actress and sports enthusiast, explained, “I am very proud to be part of ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ movement. I fully support it because it reflects my personal goal to always be active. Everybody wants to live to the fullest in all stages of life, therefore we need to take up routine physical activities and complete it with nutritious milk. Physical activities can be done anywhere and any time, no matter how busy we are, by allocating 30 minutes to simple exercise everyday.”

Muhammad Fadli, cyclist and sports enthusiast, said, “I am aware that I need to do regular physical activities to keep me fit and healthy, despite my accident a few years ago. I believe I can be more than what others think I am. I fully support the ‘Ayo Indonesia Bergerak’ campaign since this is a bold step from Anlene to wake us up about the global dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Let’s commit to doing routine physical activities to stay healthy and active, and keep our bones, joints and muscles strong and healthy.”

Key to fighting against sedentary lifestyles is high quality dairy nutrition which can help boost bones, joints and muscles health, allowing Indonesians to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. ANLENE with MoveMax contains important nutrients to keep your bones, joints and muscles strong and healthy, as all these three are part of the musculoskeletal system, which supports ability to have good posture, balance and to move actively.

“By being active while keeping your bones, joints and muscles strong and healthy, you are already doing more to fight sedentary lifestyles,” concluded Rohini Behl


About Anlene

For more than 10 years, ANLENE has championed bone health in Indonesia. ANLENE, widely recognised as the expert in bone nutrition, is the leading adult milk brand across Asia and offers a range of high calcium dairy products specially formulated to encourage optimal bone health. As part of its commitment to innovation, ANLENE launched its new formulation MoveMax™ which provides a unique bundle of nutrients that work synergistically to support total mobility and freedom of movement. The formulation is the preferred source of dairy nutrition that supports stronger and healthier Indonesians from within through healthy bones, joints, and muscles that enable people to be active and lead healthier lifestyles.


About Fonterra

Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition. The world’s largest exporter of milk, Fonterra is a co-operative from New Zealand, owned by more than 10,500 farmer shareholders. It is one of the world’s largest investors in dairy research and innovation drawing on generations of dairy expertise to produce more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, value added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer products for 140 markets. Fonterra is committed to providing high quality dairy nutrition to Indonesian consumers across all life stages. The co-op has a trusted portfolio of consumer and foodservice brands including Anlene, Anmum (Materna, Lacta and Essential), Anchor Boneeto, and Anchor Food Professionals. It is Indonesia’s leading dairy foodservice supplier through the Anchor Food Professionals range and the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to Indonesia’s food and beverage manufacturers.