Importance of Fostering Independence and Resilience in Children to Cope with Life’s Challenges

Jakarta, 28 February 2017. Resilience is defined as the ability to cope and “bounce back” after experiencing negative events, difficult situations and return to the same level of emotional wellbeing. In this day and age where change is rapid and global, children need to develop resilience and independence to cope with dynamic and challenging situations. Fostering resilience is an investment to student’s academic and personal success for the future. As an inclusive school, Australian Independent School (AIS) believes in the need to develop strong mental health of students from a young age, and this becomes one of the most important programs at AIS.

Michelle Reynold, Head of School of AIS Kemang, explains, “Guiding children to be resilient and independent is important and it has to start from young. Many parents do not realize that being over-protective of their children can impact on their children’s future negatively. Over-protectiveness inhibits children’s level of resilience which may result in anxiety, lack of self-control, self-confidence and independence”

Michelle Reynold continues, “High levels of resilience can increase positive emotional and social level of children, increase levels of engagement in learning, coping with various situations and decrease levels of depression. Thus, children are able to recognize and manage their own feelings, understand the feeling of others, building positive relationship with others, able to solve problems and make decisions as well as have goals for the future.”

Bounce Back Program is taught in an engaging way, whereby students are given the understanding on how to act and behave in different situations and surroundings. Through the program, AIS helps students to be confident in solving problems on their own, which contribute to increasing their academic abilities and non-academic skills.

Brenton Hall, Principal of AIS Indonesia, said, “The school plays a critical role in providing students with a positive environment which allow them to have strong beliefs in themselves. Students who show resilience are less likely to give up when faced with changing circumstances and are able to adapt much better later in life”. Brenton Hall continues, “Bounce Back Program at AIS, is a weekly program and compulsory for Foundation – Year 6 students. It is taught interactively through games, music, drama and technology which focus to increase students’ capacity to cope with challenges or changes, and bounce back in trying times. The desired consequence is increasing emotional intelligence, coping and social thinking skills, as well as building courage and independence in everyday life.”

About Australian Independent School
Australian Independent School, formerly Australian International School, provides a world-class education to all nationalities in Indonesia. With over 800 students, AIS offers Preschool to Year 12 classes with a focus on developing students to become Global Citizens and developing their skills to help them achieve success and be leaders in their community. Specialist support for students with learning difficulties and limited English language proficiency is provided. The four campuses are located in Bali, Balikpapan and Jakarta (Kemang and Pejaten). AIS Indonesia offers the Australian Curriculum and in Jakarta the IB Diploma for Senior Secondary. AIS is fully accredited with the Council of International Schools.