ID Logistics Indonesia consistently offer sustainable logistics solutions Posts a growth of 700% from 2007 to 2014

Jakarta, December 3, 2014. ID Logistics Indonesia, a part of ID Logistics Group of France that arrived in Indonesia in 2007 to serve customers through sustainable logistics solutions posted agrowth of 700% over 7 years of operation. This growth resulted from continuous and consistent service to customers rooted in knowledge and global experience as part a French based global group supported by information technology on Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System.

Eric HEMAR, Chairman & CEO – ID Logistics Group of France stated, “ID Logistics Group, based in Franceand founded in 2001 today continues to expand its business and has been running business operations in 14 countries, including Indonesia. Following recorded revenues of 559 million Euros in 2012, last year in 2013 we recorded an 31,5% growth in business and recorded revenue of 735 million Euros, or about 11 trillion rupiah, and in 2014, the growth of our business through the third quarter has recorded revenues of 640 million Euros with a growth of 23.8%.

Eric further explained, “We’ve been in Indonesia, since seven years ago or more precisely in 2007 we started the business here.   From 2007 to 2014, ID Logistics Indonesia managed to record growth of 700%, this is an encouraging business condition and we perceive good economic prospects in Indonesia.    So we aim to strive to maintain this attained growth and continue to improve our business in Indonesia.”

ID Logistics Indonesia, which was founded in 2007 currently has 40.000 sqmstorage  warehouses in three locations, supported by over 400 employees who are part of the ID Logistics Group’s 13,000 employees spread across the world.

Vincent Holley, General Manager –ID Logistics Indonesia said, “We try to examine and immerse ourselves into the requirements of customers for a logistics solution that can meet the needs in Indonesia.We have the support of ID LOGISTICS group so that it can integrate various existing technology with local needs.”  Furthermore, “ID Logistics has developed a sustainable solution through a cost efficient system but environmentally friendly.     This is important because the current business growth in Indonesia, particularly in the logistics industry faces no easy challenge, that is, limited infrastructure which causes high costs caused by congestion coupled by an increase in fuel oil, which is the main energy source for transportation. In addition, Indonesia has poor air quality or pollution levels are high, sooner or later regulation would be needed to encourage efforts to improve air quality, which means one of them is environmentally friendly transportation.”

The publication of the World Bank on Logistics Performance Index (LPI) shows that Indonesia is ranked 53, from a previous ranking of 59 in 2012. While the Environment Performance Index or EPI noted that Indonesia was ranked 112 out of 178 countries. Vincent said, “In addition to these challenges, we should also note that at this time the consumer is also changing in terms of buying process.   We can see more and more retail stores are springing up closer to housing areas in efforts to save time and avoid congestion, also more and more people are shopping online, and this induces an increase in e-commerce.   In future competition the demands are to combine retail and e-commerce “.    Indonesian Ministry of communication and Information noted that during 2013 the total e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reached IDR 130 trillion in 2013 and is predicted to reach 71% growth.

“Given the challenges that exist, retail businesses needs to improve their logistics and partner with third party logistics companies or 3rd Party Logistics service-3PL,” said Vincent. “ID Logistics Indonesia currently provides Smart Logistics services, that combine dedicated architecture, cutting-edge technology, operational efficiency, innovative capability with a strong commitment to sustainability designed according to the needs of the business cycle of the industry, retail and e-commerce” Vincent added. Transportation ManagementSystems or TMS ID Logistics is also managed by information technology systems that optimize the flow of goods, secure and sustainable with the presence of measuring CO2 calculator. While warehousing is managed by Warehouse Management System which optimizes the flow of goods, increase the value of goods and easy to trace its existence. ID logistics also provides retrieval and distribution service called Unit Picking and distribution unit.”We are also in the process of proposing to use environmentally friendly Truck Green Truck fuel or gas that has low CO emissions, as our commitment to sustainability or sustainability at the same time cost efficiency,” explains Vincent.In 2013 the group acquired CEPL a French company, leader in unit picking, that enhances not only ID Logistics capability to serve customers on luxury goods, cosmetics, cultural goods and high tech market but also to traditional manufacturing and retail customers

Currently ID logistics serves various types of consumers; industries, retailers and e-commerce. Start of Hyper and Supermart, specialty retail, consumer goods, heavy industry such as pharmaceutical, automotive and others. “Our focus to consumers and we have a commitment to quality, cost efficiency, flexibility and speed in responding, innovation and sustainability, ” said Vincent

About ID Logistics Group and ID Logistics Indonesia

ID Logistics, an International group of companies engaged in the field of contract logistics was founded in 2001, to develop and implement the best solutions according to the needs of customers in the supply chain process. With more than 13,000 employees and operates in 14 countries, the group ID Logistics serves customers around the world both from retail, manufacturing, unitpicking and  e-commerce / online storesectors. The main principle is upheld to develop smart logistics by combining techniques specific architecture, cutting-edge technology, the efficiency of the operation and the ability to constantly innovate with a strong commitment to sustainability


ID Logistics Indonesia has been established in Indonesia since 2007. It currently has a 3-point location with an area of 40,000 m2 warehousing and supported by 400 employees. ID Logistics Indonesia has global expertise with cutting-edge IT systems and provides the best solution. With a strong involvement and a deep understanding of the local culture, and supported by a team of international start-ups, ID Logistics Indonesia is ready to deal with and support each operational launch / new activities, incorporating specific local needs. R & D team of local experts we also focus on the development of environmental protection solutions such as cost efficiency and environmentally friendly oriented approach (Go Green).