Jakarta, 17 February 2015 – PT Pfizer Indonesia (Pfizer), a pharmaceutical company producing research-based products, has launches, a website aimed at campaigning education on Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Through the website, Pfizer provides comprehensive information and solutions on erectile dysfunction (ED), in particular, so that people pay more attention to the sexual health. ED problems need serious attention from people. Otherwise, they can decrease the quality of life. Actually, ED is not the final verdict because there are solutions with accurate diagnoses which can cope with such problem.

Technological advancements in the current era of information have allowed people to get any information from the internet. Decision Fuel survey conducted by Pfizer in 2013 revealed that 6.2% of the correspondents in Indonesia preferred to search for information on DE through the Internet. Handoko Santoso, Medical Director of Pfizer Indonesia said, “A lot of inaccurate information on ED which can be easily accessed by many people in the Internet has resulted in misperception among people, and such misperception has lead to inaccurate handling or even to fatal conditions.  Considering such situation, Pfizer tries to do its best to provide accurate and comprehensive information about ED problems and the solutions through its website Through this website, we want to educate people that erectile dysfunction is a common thing. It is not a taboo to talk about it.  All information available on the website will be initial information needed by those suffering from ED before they see a doctor to get accurate diagnose and treatments.”

ED patients usually feel ashamed to see a doctor because erectile dysfunction is still deemed a taboo to talk about.  Data of Decision Fuel survey (2013) collected by Pfizer suggested that 59% of male respondents in Indonesia fells uncomfortable when they have to talk to or even to consult a doctor.  dr. Heru H. Oentoeng, M.Repro, Sp.And, FIAS, FECSM - an Andrologist, said, “ED is a condition when penis fails to reach and to maintain its erectile condition to have satisfying sexual intercourse. Frequently, patients fail to take heed of ED condition. They will see a doctor when they have had health problems. Most men fail to aware of the ED condition they have because most men in Indonesia suffer from mild ED, or ED of Level 3, in which penis can still function though it is not optimal. The risk of ED is higher in line with the age.

“Examination to diagnose erectile dysfunction is not complicated. Patients will have a list of questions to find out their erectile dysfunction conditions and their ‘hardness’ levels based on International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). This list of questions is aimed at finding types of ED suffering by the patients whether it is normal or at the levels of mild, moderate or serious. There are several factors which can cause ED. In addition to the age, medical histories like surgery around the waist, chronic diseases,  or bad lifestyles such as smoking, liquor drinking, drug abuse, and lack of exercises have been also factors causing ED. Have regular medical checkups when erectile dysfunction happens and consult a doctor,” said dr. Oentoeng.

Sexual psychologist, Zoya Amirin, said “Sexual health is important to pay attention because it can disturb family harmony. It is important to understand satisfaction levels of the spouse because sexual satisfaction can affect quality of life. Physical and psychological condition support daily activities.  ED problems have frequently caused depression to both the patients and their spouses, leading to poor interpersonal relationship. Communication with the partners is important for treating erectile dysfunction. The wife should be able to communicate with the husband when they are not sexually satisfied because of the husband’s suboptimal erection. The husband should admit it and go to a doctor for a therapy to prevent the condition from getting worse.”

“Pfizer has commitment and keep tries to share information on health development and provide accesses to safe and effective medicines for patients and people in need, so that Indonesian people can maintain their health properly,” said Handoko.

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