First Tasty Singapore Food Aisle launches in Jakarta Over 100 quality Singapore food products available at key FoodHall outlets

Jakarta, 20 March 2015 – Singapore and Indonesia share a common passion for food and value shared dining experiences that strengthen bonds between family and friends. With this in common, Singapore has launched the “Tasty Singapore Food Aisle” in key FoodHall outlets across Jakarta. People in Jakarta can now find a variety of over 100 Singapore food products at FoodHall outlets in Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, and Grand Indonesia.

The Singapore Food Aisle was officially launched today by Mr. Anil Kumar Navar, Singapore’s Ambassador to Indonesia. He was joined by Mr Tan Soon Kim, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. The opening event at FoodHall, Plaza Senayan, showcased the country’s range of quality food products through special recipes designed by celebrity chef Rinrin Marinka.

Over the next two weeks, popular Indonesian icons such as celebrity chefs Rinrin Marinka and Chandra, as well as finalists of Masterchef Indonesia will be conducting cooking demonstrations during the series of the Tasty Singapore Food Aisle promotions on 20-22, 27-29 March. They will provide inspiration to Indonesian cooks about methods to use Singapore food products for their daily meal preparation. Famous food bloggers such as,, will participate in these demonstrations alongside these celebrity chefs.

Mr Anil Kumar Nayar, Ambassador of Singapore to Indonesia stated, “Singapore and Indonesia share many similarities, one of which is our rich food cultures. This allows the Asian flavours in Singapore food to be incorporated easily in Indonesian culinary experiences. We hope this initiative will encourage Indonesians to know more about Singapore food and use our food brands at home and when eating out.”

“Singapore’s variety of about 100 food products from cooking sauces to different kind of snacks, can be enjoyed by families in Indonesia. We are excited to partner with FoodHall to bring easy-to-make, healthy and high quality Singapore products to Indonesia, another country rich in cultural diversity. Through this Food Aisle, we hope to bring wide selection of food products that cater to families in Indonesia that seek healthier options in their meals,” added Mr. Tan Soon Kim from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead government agency driving the overseas growth of Singapore enterprises and international trade.

The Food Aisle will bring to people in Jakarta a wide selection of food products from 14 Singapore F&B brands, including sauce and soy sauce, nuts, drinks, staple food such as rice vermicelli and spaghetti, various selections of tea and seasoning.

Chef Ririn Marinka, professional celebrity chef said, “Singapore food products that available in Singapore Food Aisle are very easy to combine with Indonesian home cooked meals. For example, Indonesia home cooked meals are mostly meat-and vegetables stir fry. To get more delicious taste, these dishes can combine with Singapore sauce and soy sauce, such as Vegetarian Oyster Flavored Sauce, Garlic Chilli Soya Sauce, or Natural Canola Oil that can help to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. Cooking at home can help us to reach a healthy life.”

Tasty Singapore

Tasty Singapore is the umbrella brand that leads and enables Singapore food industry brands in their growth overseas.

Singapore food brands are driven by Singapore’s love and passion for food. Singapore has built itself as a nation, its relationships and its values upon diversity and culture and food has always been an essential cornerstone. Tasty Singapore believes in the importance of meal moments in peoples’ lives and that food really impacts those experiences.

Singapore is well-known as a nation that keeps to high standards in all processes. Tasty Singapore gives you the reassurance and commitment that Singapore brands always deliver on making meal and food moments matter more.

Singapore offers a repertoire of food companies and brands to choose from that are always assured to amplify meal and food moments regardless of in-home or out-of-home experiences. Singapore food players across the entire food chain are committed to an inspiring and contented food experience.