Cargill continues to develop young Indonesian talent through Global Scholar’s Program

Jakarta, 24 August 2017. For the third consecutive year, Cargill, in partnership with Institute of International Education (IIE) is continuing the Global Scholars Program in Indonesia to build a foundation for future leaders by getting new talent ready to take on exciting opportunities and challenges.

The Cargill Global Scholars program will provide financial support, leadership development and enrichment opportunities to nearly 200 talented and high-performing undergraduate students in five countries. The selected individuals will be chosen based on their demonstrated high level of academic performance and leadership potential.. This year, Cargill’s Global Scholars program has been awarded to IPB-Bogor, Brawijaya-Malang, UGM-Yogyakarta, Unila-Lampung, Unhas-Makassar, UNS-Solo.

Arief Susanto, Corporate Affairs Director, Cargill Indonesia said, “Cargill has a strong commitment to enrich communities – one of the ways we do that is by investing in educating the next generation of agriculture, food and nutrition leaders.  Through the Cargill Global Scholars we  aim to support efforts to create Indonesia’s future leaders that has global network and quality, ready for competing in international market and can play significant role to support the growth speed of this country”.  Susanto added,” We also create awareness in these young leaders through their participation in our school meals program”.

The school meals program is nutrition improvement program for elementary school students. This is a join program of Cargill and World Food Program (WFP) supported by Ministry of Education.   Under the school meals program, Cargill will provide more than 76,000 food packages to 800 school students in three provinces (Banten, East Java & Nusa Tenggara Timur) near Cargill’s location for over 12 months.

Cargill Global Scholars provides financial support amounting USD 2,500 per person per year for up to two years and will be invited to take part in a series of leadership and enrichment activities designed to enhance their critical thinking skills and equip them with the tools necessary for becoming leaders and decision makers in their chosen fields.  As part of the leadership training, the students will have a three days of fully funded leadership seminar, where they will gain valuable opportunities to observe and learn from business, community leaders and Cargill’s leaders.

Cargill Global Scholars also benefit from enrichment opportunities through one-on-one mentoring program which will be conducted by Cargill’s leaders and employees in Indonesia.  In the second year of the scholarship term, they join the global level of leadership seminar which allow them to meet with scholars from other countries and join a global alumni network of Cargill Global Scholars where enrichment and networking opportunities will continue.

Chika Hutauruk, Senior Human Resources Director, Cargill Indonesia said, ”Scholars recently had a week of long seminar in Amsterdam, where they participated in various activities that provided insights into leadership, global thinking, diversity, team work, as well as the opportunity to start building international network with fellow scholars from five other countries, that we believe will be valuable when they become leaders and decision makers in the future”. She further explained, “While the next group of scholars, will firstly have a three days country leadership seminar, where they will learn about Cargill leadership model, enhance other soft skills and interpersonal skills and learn practical skills “.

From more than 11,000 students who are considering signing up for this program, 10 outstanding students were selected after successfully passing the selection process conducted independently by Institute of International Education (IIE). These students have fulfilled the selection process and meet all criteria including high academic record and leadership potential.

Fenty Agtiffantono, IIEF Program Manager said,”This scholarship program is unique; it combines financial support, mentoring and leadership seminars at the national and global level. Global Scholars provides the opportunity to build a global network, while providing exposure with international level leaders, and opportunity to present their research while at the same time introduce Indonesia”.

Cargill Global Scholars is a part of the company’s broader corporate responsibility efforts to nourish the world, protect the planet and enrich communities.

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