Australian Independent School (AIS) Showcases What Great Teachers Do Differently

Jakarta, June 15, 2016. A great school is not determined by the diverse programs that a school provides, but by the quality of teachers. This is what differentiates one school from another. Great teachers require people-skills to care, understand and motivate their students. This topic is discussed at the “What Great Teachers Do Differently” Media Workshop at Australian Independent School (AIS) Kemang.

The difference between more effective teachers and less effective teachers is not what they know but what they do. Great teachers create a positive atmosphere in their classrooms. They understand the power of praise and they know how to handle each student according to their individual strengths and weaknesses. They also have the ability to respond, not react, to inappropriate behavior without escalating the situation. Great teachers set high expectations for their students and even higher expectations for themselves.

Mr. John Anthony Milliss, Head of Campus AIS Bali said, “Being an educator for more than 20 years, I realize that there are four areas that need to be honed in children of the 21st Century. They are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Students need to be equipped with problem solving skills, leadership skills and the skills to courageously explore new ideas.”

Mr. Brenton Hall, Principal AIS Indonesia said, “It is important to have quality teachers in school. Parents entrust their children to us and we have the responsibility to challenge and encourage students to discover their individual interest and capabilities. At AIS, we value this trust and we continue to meet and excel in the quality of teachers hired. All teachers at AIS are not only equipped with educational skills but also people skills.
These skills are further enhanced through workshops lead by education experts from Indonesia and overseas, including our annual Teacher’s Conference. They help the academic team perform optimally, equipped with the most current knowledge in education.”
“Our AIS focus on teacher Professional Development, exposes teachers to best practice, which is something we demand from our teachers but equally we demand caring, and a real knowledge of their students and how to motivate them.
We conduct a SET (Social Emotional Training program with all of our Secondary students which focusses on developing student’s social and emotional skills to enable them to confidently interact in the community and to form positive relationships with others. At Primary level we conduct The BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing & Resilience Program which teaches personal skills for fostering resilience in children and young people.

We also have an extensive Leadership Program that gives students real opportunities to develop leadership attitudes and skills. This is further reinforced through our CAS (Creativity, Action and Service program). The CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) program provides students the opportunity to learn through experience and take actions in the service of others

About Australian Independent School
Australian Independent School, formerly Australian International School, this year celebrates its 20th year of providing a world-class education to all nationalities in Indonesia. With over 800 students, AIS offers Preschool to Year 12 classes with a focus on developing students to become Global Citizens and developing their skills to help them achieve success and be leaders in their community. Specialist support for students with learning difficulties and limited English language proficiency is provided. The four campuses are located in Bali, Balikpapan and Jakarta (Kemang and Pejaten). AIS Indonesia offers the Australian Curriculum and in Jakarta the IB Diploma for Senior Secondary. AIS is fully accredited with the Council of International Schools.