ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 Inaugural Edition in Indonesia

Jakarta, 14 April 2015 – PT UBM Pameran Niaga Indonesia,in collaboration with UBM Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd,will hold ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 for the first time in Indonesia on 28-30 April 2015 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. As one of the leading exhibitions in Asia for the pulp, paper, board and tissue production industries, the exhibition will present a wide array of machinery, equipment, supplies and technologies that provide the latest solutions. The event also serves asa networking opportunity to developnew partnerships and business opportunities.

Indonesia is one of the biggest pulp and paper exporters in the world, supplying pulp and paper products to the global market. According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS), in 2013, exports of paper and paper-made goods from Indonesia reached 4.297,9 million tons. Indonesian’s biggest export destination country is Japan, reaching 461 thousand ton with FOB (Free on Board) value of US$ 477.3 million.

Christopher Eve, President Director of PT UBM Pameran Niaga Indonesia said, “Indonesia is the 9th biggest pulp exporter and 11th biggest paper products exporter in the world. In addition, it is one of the most robust economies, expanding at over 5% per annum and accounting for 40% of ASEAN’s economic output. Therefore, UBM is excited to be launching the inaugural edition ofASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 this month. ASIAN PAPERisthe leading exhibition in Asia for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. I am confident that ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 will serve an important function in facilitating the exchange of new ideas, products and technology that will enhance the pulp and paper industries of Indonesia and the greater South East Asia region. The first ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015is truely international, featuring exhibiting companies from 14countries who are showcasingthe very latest in raw materials and suppliers, manufacturing machinery and equipment, as well as finished paper products.”

Indonesia’s pulp and paper industries regard thestart of the ASEAN Economic Society 2015 as an opportunity to gain an even bigger share of the marketsof the Asian region. Pulp and paperare one of Indonesia’s strategic industries, and the government is makingefforts to develop synergies and to strengthen regional networks with neighboring countries that have the same industry and exporting the same commodities. The Indonesian government is calling for application of environmentally friendly technologies such as production of recycled paper and energy conservationin the pulp and paper sector to boost competitiveness of local products, compared to the same products from other countries. Supported by comprehensive research and application of high technologies in the pulp and paper industries, Indonesian products are expected to become even more competitive in the global market.

Sébastien Vicente, Trade Advisor – Infrastructure, Transport & Industry of Business France,commented“The application of environmentally friendly industry shall be started from raw materials and technologies to energy. French technologies for paper industry are very efficient in terms of energy and environmentally friendly. Hopefully, the excellences of French technologies will be able to support productivity and quality improvement of Indonesian paper industry and to increase add-values which will in turn improve the image of Indonesia in sustainable development.”

“ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 can be a business yardstick and provide golden opportunities for the exhibition participants, professional industries and visitors from Indonesian pulp and paper industry to access advanced technologies and to acquire more comprehensive knowledge of pulp and paper industries,” added Sebastien.

“We hope that the launch of ASIAN PAPER JAKARTA 2015 will serve as a platform for networking withinpaper industries in Indonesia, fulfill the needs of the paper industries, and provide opportunities to meet international players in the pulp and paper industries in order to get the latest accesses in terms of raw materials and technologies. I expect this exhibition will provide contribution to improvements in productivity and quality of Indonesian paper industries,” closedChristopher Eve.

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