15,000 Jakartans on the Move to Prevent Osteoporosis in Commemoration of National Osteoporosis Day 2014

Jakarta, 7 December 2014­­­ The National Osteoporosis Day is commemorated for the 12th time today. Boasting the theme of “Time To Move Now” (Waktunya Bergerak Sekarang), this year’s commemoration is marked with the biggest mass physical challenge in Indonesia. Ibu Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Youth and Sport,the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection and the Governor of DKI Jakarta as well as 15,000 people across generations attend the commemoration. The osteoporosis prevention campaign synergizes efforts done by various stakeholders from Provincial Government, the Indonesian Osteoporosis Association (Perosi), Indonesian Healthy Bone Association (Perwatusi), to private sector, i.e. Fonterra Brands Indonesia.

The commemoration also sees the pledge of commitment to make Osteoporosis-Free Jakarta. Fonterra Brands Indonesia symbolically delivers the work plan for Waduk Pluit City Park, which will be supplied with sport facilities in an attempt to always remind people to being healthy and active every day, to the Governor of Jakarta Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

Dr. Nicolaas Budi Parama, SpBO – Chairman of Perosi, said, “Perosi along with Fonterra Brands Indonesia have since ten years ago organized varieties of osteoporosis prevention activities, including osteoporosis prevention exercise I and II and Osteo Dance. The exercise is one of the physical exercises that might maintain and increase bone health and density if you do it properly, regularly, and measurably. Other important recommendations are to consume balanced nutrition, fulfill daily calcium intake and bone nutrition needs for every age, which can be done through consumption of high calcium milk. Milk is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best source of calcium. At least one glass of milk should be consumed every day.”

Anita Hutagalung – Chairman of Perwatusi, said, “Perwatusi, along with Perosi and the Provincial Government of Jakarta, concentrate on moving people directly  through various programs, such as by empowering cadres of Jakarta PKK in 41 Sub-Districts and Kelurahan in Jakarta. It is implementation of our commitment to Osteoporosis-Free Jakarta. In essence, we are geared to move all stakeholders to prevent osteoporosis.”

Paul Richards – President Director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia said, “Fonterra through ANLENE™ brand, has been consistently educating Indonesians on the importance of early osteoporosis prevention. In line with this, in 2012, we started the initiative of Osteoporosis-Free Jakarta as pledged by the former Governor of Jakarta, now the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo. Fonterra Brands Indonesia has implemented the commitment in varieties of programs, one of which is the cooperation with PKK in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya. We have reached and educated 10,000 cadres and PKK communities in 3 cities on osteoporosis prevention, and the program have brought real and positive impacts. In fact, our evaluation and monitoring show that the program has resulted in positive behavioral changes in preventing osteoporosis. Seven of ten women have begun to do physical exercises and consume food and beverages contained high calcium regularly.”

“In addition, to inspire people to start moving, we will also supply Waduk Pluit City Park with sport facilities. We have also been consistently conducting bone scans for more than one million people in Indonesia each year.”

Paul asserted “The theme of “Waktunya Bergerak Sekarang” is a call to all generations, especially younger generations, to start moving actively and drinking high calcium milk as part of osteoporosis prevention and, of course, to lead healthy lifestyle. Consumer polling conducted by Fonterra in 20131 in Indonesia found that Indonesians, especially those living in urban area, are leading a sedentary, or inactive, lifestyle. They sit continuously on average of 7 hours/working day and 5 hours/weekend day. Moreover, the average of Indonesians’ milk consumption is only 11.09 liters per capita per year; far less than Singapore’s that reaches 51 liters.[1]

“The research’s result and the data show that there are more Indonesians living an inactive lifestyle with lack of milk consumption. Such lifestyle might potentially trigger various diseases including osteoporosis. Therefore, the call for leaving inactive lifestyles and starting active lifestyle and consuming high calcium milk through the campaign “Waktunya Bergerak Sekerang” becomes highly essential,” Paul added.

In the National Osteoporosis Day Commemoration, various activities are designed to invite all people to move actively by upholding the concept called Movathon- physical activities such as 3.5K Fun Walk, 5K Fun Run, as well as free sport classes like Zumba, Cross Fit, Freeletics dan Muaythai. Free bone scans are also provided for free as part of osteoporosis prevention through early examination.

[1] Indonesia Dairy Blue Print 2013-2025, Coordinating Minister fro Economic RI, 2014

About osteoporosis and high calcium milk consumption for osteoporosis prevention

Osteoporosis is a disease caused by decreases in bone mass density where bone becomes thinner, fragile and fracture easily. Osteoporosis might cause major bone fracture that leads to disability and even death. Bone fracturing in osteoporosis is preventable; one of the ways is by fulfilling calcium needs and doing physical activity as soon as possible. Osteoporosis prevention can be performed through weight-bearing physical activities/exercises, sunlight exposure (vitamin D), and balanced nutrition with high dosage of calcium. Calcium need for 19-50 years old is 1000mg and for 50 years above is 1200mg. Consuming high calcium milk will help reducing osteoporosis risk.

Fonterra Brands conducted a research on the benefits of high calcium milk for Indonesian men and women aged 35-55. The research was conducted in cooperation with Dr. Dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. MS. SpGK (President Elect PEROSI) from the Nutrition Department of the Medical Faculty of the University of Indonesia/RSCM in 2012-2013. The result shows that consuming two portions per day of high calcium milk could reduce the resorption on bone calcium and help keep bone calcium.

This research strengthens a similar research on pre-menopausal women conducted last year by Massey University, St. Thomas Hospital – UK, and Fonterra Brands Ltd[1] and on post-menopausal women by Massey University, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine of University of Indonesia/ Cipto Mangunkusomo Hospital (RSCM) and Fonterra Brands Ltd[2], which showed that consumption of calsium fortified milk and vitamin D for 2 weeks can reduce the levels of plasma C-telepeptide of type 1 collagen (CTX), which is a marker of bone mineral (calcium) release, furthermore could reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


About Commitment of Jakarta toward Osteoporosis-Free Jakarta

The commitment toward Osteoporosis-Free Jakarta is a pilot project of the region’s commitment to osteoporosis prevention which can be adopted by other regions. The commitment was launched by Governor of Jakarta in the 2012 National Osteoporosis Day Commemoration.

Fonterra Brands Indonesia, in cooperation with Indonesian Osteoporosis Association (Perosi), Indonesian Healthy Bone Foundation (Perwatusi), and regional governments (Health Offices and PKK (Family Welfare Movement)) and in coordination with the Jakarta’s Health Office, have implemented this commitment in various training programs for medical staffs and PKK cadres in 41 sub-districts and kelurahan in the Jakarta Province.

The training for medical staffs was conducted on 22 October 2013 and followed by 100 general practitioners from 41 community health centers across Jakarta. Meanwhile the trainings for PKK  cadres in Jakarta was conducted at 29-30 October 2013 and followed by 278 PKK cadres from kelurahan to provincial levels. In addition, Osteoporosis Prevention Care Village Contest (Lomba Kelurahan Peduli Pencegahan Osteoporosis) was held in Jakarta from November 2013 to April 2014.

The osteoporosis education through the Osteoporosis Care & Prevention Village Competition has successfully resulted positive impacts to Jakartans. Based on evaluation and monitoring process of the cadres of PKK to 800 people in 5 regions in Jakarta during the competition, it can be concluded that behavioral changes toward positive habits in preventing osteoporosis have taken place. These positive impacts are:

  • 7 of ten Jakartans have begun:
    • to consume foods with high calcium content to meet their daily calcium intake;
    • to consume 1 glass or 2 glasses of milk per day regularly to prevent osteoporosis;
    • to regularly exercise;
  • 8 of 10 Jakartans have got sufficient sunlight from 06.00 to 09.00.

About the Time to Move Now Campaign Launched by Fonterra Brands Indonesia

  1. Fonterra Brands Indonesia, through ANLENE™ launched “Waktunya Bergerak Sekarang” campaign. Research result of Fonterra consumer poll in 20131, that was held in Indonesia, found that Indonesians, especially who live in the city, lead a sedentary/inactive lifestyle sitting continuously for average of 7 hours/weekdays and 5 hours/weekend.

Other surprising facts from the research1:

  • In all, only 18% of respondent exercise daily. Only 22% of male exercise routinely and only 14% of Indonesian female exercise routinely.
  • 61% female find it difficult to discipline themselves and exercise routinely.
  • Amount of Indonesians who exercise daily is very small, only 18% of them.


ANLENE™ came up with Pay with Your Step program, fun run concept that was done in a mall court in 18 October and was attended by more than 1000 people. On National Osteoporosis Day Commemoration, ANLENE™ provides free bone scans and various fun educational activities.


Fonterra Brands Indonesia’s Active Role on National Osteoporosis Day 2014

Since 2002, Fonterra Brands Indonesia has been a strategic partner with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), PEROSI and PERWATUSI in osteoporosis prevention education campaigns. Since the launch of the National Osteoporosis Day by the Minister of Health in 2002, various activities have been undertaken to educate and change the lifestyle of the people of Indonesia to be healthier in order to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. Fonterra Brands Indonesia, through Anlene has also conducted a continuous campaign of bone density testing and working with the Center for Nutrition Research and Development of Ministry of Health to process data of Osteoporosis prevalence in Indonesia, as well as various educational seminars.

Through ANLENE™, Fonterra Brands Indonesia provides free-of-charge bone scan for Indonesian people.  More than 9.3 million people have been scanned since the program was launched for the first time in 2005.



ANLENE™ is an adult dairy product produced by Fonterra Brands Indonesia – headquartered in New Zealand. As the only hi-calcium adult milk in Indonesia that clinically proven can help to prevent osteoporosis, ANLENE™ is committed in providing milk for optimal bone health. ANLENE™ contains low fat milk which does not cause obesity. The range consists of Powder and UHT products. ANLENE™ powder has 3 variants; ANLENE™ Actifit for ages 19-50, ANLENE™ Gold for ages above 50, and ANLENE™ TOTAL which enriched with glucosamine for bone and joint health. ANLENE™ also has a ready-to-drink milk product, ANLENE™ One a Day which  fortified with calcium 4 times higher than a regular calcium milk.

ANLENE™ mission is to help Osteoporosis prevention with dairy products that can help to maintain bones and joints health, as well as by conducting a sustainable education campaign on the importance of bone and joint health. As part of its commitment to the community ANLENE™ has invited more than 7 million Indonesians in various cities to live a healthy lifestyle and provided free bone scans.

About Fonterra

Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition – the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. Fonterra is also a market leader with our own consumer dairy brands in Australia/New Zealand, Asia/Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

The farmer-owned New Zealand co-operative is the largest processor of milk in the world, producing more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, value added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer products every year. Drawing on generations of dairy expertise, Fonterra is one of the largest investors in dairy based research and innovation in the world. Our more than 16,000 staff work across the dairy spectrum from advising farmers on sustainable farming and milk production, to ensuring we live up to exacting quality standards and delivering every day on our customer promise in more than 100 markets around the world.

[1] Research : Effect of Calcium fortified Milk Supplementation With or Without Vitamin K on Biochemical markers of Bone Turn Over in Premenopausal Women. Riset dilakukan oleh Massey University, St. Thomas Hospital – UK, dan Fonterra Research Center, New Zealand.

[2] Research : The Effect of a Fortified Milk Drink on Vitamin D Status & Bone Turn Over in Post Menopausal Women From South East Asia. Held by: Massey University, Departement Obstetri dan Ginekologi FKUI/RSCM, Fonterra Brands Ltd, Fonterra Reseach Center NZ, PT Equilap Int & Prodia The CRO, University Of Santo Tomas – Philippines, Dept of Science and Technology – Philippines, University 0f Sheffield – England.