Work In Action



World Gold Council, Association of Major Gold Mining Companies

The PR Challenge:
To improve consumer knowledge of the international standard of gold caratage and to increase consumption and investment in gold in the Indonesian market.
The PR Program:
IM&A helped the World Gold Council in a public education drive on gold caratage, gold as fashion item, as well as educating the industry on the importance of the gold standard. Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Industry, partnering with women’s organizations and organizing gold jewellery exhibitions in the major cities across Indonesia. An annual jewellery design competition driving improved and more sophisticated gold jewelery designs, was patronized by the the First and the Second Lady of Indonesia. The WGC campaign received tremendous exposure in the media, radio and television and Lifestyle publications.
The Results:
Significant coverage in leading media led to better awareness of the gold standard, and gold as a form of investment, and fashion item, which led to a growth of the market for gold, the growth of the local gold jewellery industry and the easing of luxury goods tax on gold bars.