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16 Years of Consulting the World’s Leading Airline

Singapore Airlines

The PR Challenge:
Singapore Airlines in 1992 was perceived negatively as posing a threat to Indonesian aviation, competing with Indonesian national carriers, thanks to a one sided press coverage. The challenge was to turn around this perception. Until 2008 for over 16 years, IM&A consulted Singapore Airlines on government relations, corporate image, issues and crisis management in the Indonesian market. This included the challenge of managing crisis in the aftermath of SIA Group’s subsidiary Silk Air’s crash in the Musi River, Palembang in 1996 , when no survivors were found. Also managing the communications in the Indonesian market, after a fatal accident in Taipei airport runway in 2000, destroying the Boeing 747 airplane and killing 83 passengers.
The PR Program:
IM&A’s strategy was accepted and programs were created to improve and sustain relations with the Indonesian media by positioning SIA as their aviation knowledge-resource. IMA also established and maintained regular communications with relevant government departments, specifically the Department of Tourism and Communication, with parliament and appropriate House commissions, and the governors of 9 provinces. In the aftermath of the economic crisis, IM&A designed and managed a seven-year scholarship program for 5000 students from the lower socio-economic segment to establish SQ as a responsible and caring corporation in Indonesia.

IM&A played a critical role in crisis communications with the Indonesia press in the crisis management of the SIA Group’s subsidiary Silk air’s Musi river crash, in Palembang in 1996. In 2000, IM&A’s counseling in the Indonesian market, also in averted a communication crisis in the aftermath of the Taipei airport runway accident destroying the Boeing 747 airplane of Singapore Airline killing 83 passengers.
The Results:
Significant media coverage positioning SIA as a leading aviation company with good governance and good corporate citizenship. SIA received the highest honour from the President of Indonesia for its active community support and consistent promotion of Indonesian tourism the Adikarya Award in 1994 and in 2001. The Singapore and Indonesian Governments subsequently in 1994 signed an Air Services Agreement. An agreement which was put on hold for many years that ultimately granted SIA an unprecedented 13 destinations in Indonesia, making it the only foreign airline with such privileges in Indonesia while Indonesian carriers would enjoy free access to Singapore Changi International Airport. Singapore Airlines today enjoys a top rank as one of the most popular airlines among Indonesian customers.