Work In Action



2013: Jakarta Governor now President elect signs Jakarta commitment to fight osteoporosis.
2008: 10,000 Participants Led by The President and First Lady, walked for National Osteoporosis Day

Fonterra Brand Indonesia

The PR Challenge:
To increase the awareness of the silent and debilitating effects of osteoporosis and to increase the consumption of milk as a preventive measure, specifically Anlene calcium fortified milk powder.
The PR Program:
IM&A with Fonterra initiated a proposal to the Ministry of Health to declare National Osteoporosis Day to be commemorated each year starting in 2002 and the then Minister of Health agreed to adopt the Osteoporosis campaign with Fonterra and the Indonesian Osteoporosis Association. Since then IM&A continued to organize and supervise, the media campaign as well as the events management of National Osteoporosis Day coordinating with all the stakeholders. Anlene’s own commercial and marketing communications campaign were realigned to the National Osteoporosis Day program which included an annual mass gymnastics event and highlighted the walkathon for healthy bones involving 10 000 people in 2009 in which the Indonesian President and the First Lady took part, and smaller mass walk events in many cities across Indonesia in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan.
The Results:
The program resulted in 11 years of significant coverage across print, broadcast and online media annually, driving attention to Anlene’s integrated marketing program and translating into substantial rise in sales. Above all our PR program established community perception of Anlene milk as the best preventive measure against osteoporosis. David Ross, President Director of New Zealand Milk Indonesia commended the campaign as ‘the best communications campaign for Anlene in the Asia Pacific region’.